About Dart Players

  • Dart players come from all walks of life and have a varied range of income.
  • The majority are either self-employed or employed full time.
  • The majority are married or in a relationship.
  • The top reasons people are involved in the sport are:
    1. To socialize
    2. To improve their skills
  • The majority complete in at least one dart league and in tournaments.
  • While a high majority compete in league play at least once or twice a week, more than 24% participate in league play three or more times per week.

Dart Player Spending

  • The average dart player in Alberta spend approximately $30 per night during league play on transportation, food and beverages.
  • Conservatively over $84,000 per week is spent in Alberta on fuel and in the service industry as a direct result of participation in the sport of darts.
  • Depending on the distance a dart player travels to compete in a tournament, the average person spends anywhere from $230 to $950 on transportation, accommodations, entry fees, food & beverage, dart supplies and souvenir apparel.
  • Over $50,000 is spent by dart players during an average weekend long tournament on transportation, accommodations, food & beverage, dart supplies and souvenir apparel.

About our Volunteers

  • Volunteers spend anywhere from 1 to 50 hours per month coaching, officiating and volunteering in the sport.

The above are excerpts from the Executive Summary Report from an on-line survey conducted by Darts Alberta in 2006.