Youth Team Alberta Photos & Results

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2022 Team Alberta—Toronto, Ontario

Back Row (L-R): Colten Chapman, Sandi Orr (NDFC Youth Director), Nathan Osmond, Mike Dwyer (Coach), Lesley Johnston (Coach), Darryll Walsh (DA Youth Director), Patrick Thorpe, Tristan Dove, Jaxson Danis
Front Row (L-R): Jaliah Kochie, Madison Mercer, Kylie Chapman, Sofia McFarlane, Halle Camp

2020-2021 Cancelled due to COVID-19 Pandemic

Team Members: Kylie Chapman, Halle Camp, Madison Mercer, Hope Riley, Bradey White, Nathan Osmond, Mykel Kequahtooway, Ben Vardy

2019 Team Alberta—Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Back Row (L-R): Darryll Walsh (Youth Director), Raine Darbyshire (Coach), Laura Nett (Coach), Patrick Thorpe, Riley Osmond, Mykel Kequahtooway, Bradey White, Andrew Hill, Mike Dwyer (Coach)
Front Row (L-R): Madison Mercer, Kylie Chapman, Mackenzie Currie, Nathan Osmond, Andrienne Brooks, Bree Cormier

2018 Team Alberta—Drummondville, Quebec

Back Row (L-R): Jayden Chiasson, Mykel Kequahtooway, Darryll Walsh (DA Youth Director), Riley Osmond, Roan Hebert
Front Row (L-R): Laura Nett (Coach), Hayley Leyte, Jaliah Kochie, Carol Collett (NDFC Youth Director), Bree Cormier, Adrienne Brooks, Wanda Earle (Coach)

2017 Team Alberta—Saint John, New Brunswick

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Back Row (L-R):
Front Row (L-R):

2016 Team Alberta—Richmond, British Columbia

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Back Row (L-R):
Front Row (L-R):

2015 Team Alberta—St. Catharines, Ontario

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Back Row (L-R):
Front Row (L-R):

2014 Team Alberta—Halifax, Nova Scotia

Back row (L-R): Tim Prokop (Coach), Ericson Delangin, Dawson Murschell, Logan Crooks, Roan Hebert, Nate Sheppard, Ryan Storch (Coach)
Front row (L-R): Jessa Laplante, Courtney Kane, Tori Doughty, Jessica Weatherly, Tammy Murschell (Youth Director)

2013 Team Alberta—St. John's, Newfoundland/Labrador

Back row (L-R): Fred Seaward (Coach), Nicolas Murschell, Logan Crooks, Dawson Murschell, Felicia Boychuk, Jessica Weatherly, Nate Sheppard, Nikolas McNair, Anne Marie Coroluick (Coach), Tammy Murschell (Youth Director)
Front row (L-R): Jenna Kane, Courtney Kane, Riley Osmond, Matyna Gutfreund, Emilee Gillcrist

2012 Team Alberta—Thunder Bay, Ontario


Back row (L-R): Fred Seawad (Coach), Jessica Weatherly, Logan Crooks, Trevor Hovey, Krystopher Wilhelm
Middle Row: Tammy Murschell (Coach), Felicia Boychuk, Matyna Gutfreund, Abbigale Hatter, Nate Sheppard, Nikolas McNair, Dianne Greening (Youth Director)
Front Row: Kayla Malloy, Shelby McNair

2011 Team Alberta—Edmonton, Alberta—CANADA CUP CHAMPIONS!


Back row (L-R): Steve Dalton (Male Chaperone), Jerahmiah Gutfreund, Logan Crooks, Shaun Narain
Middle row (L-R): RCMP Officer, Dawson Murschell, Trevor Hovey, Carrie Price, RCMP Officer
Front row (L-R): Dianne Greening (Youth Director), Morganne Boyce, Jenna Kane, Felicia Boychuk, Raelyn Mills-Meunier, Abbigale Hatter, Cathy Janes (Female Chaperone)

SPECIAL RECOGNITION: Shaun Narain WINS Triple Crown and receives Athlete of the Year Award!

2010 Team Alberta—Gander, Newfoundland—CANADA CUP CHAMPIONS!


Back row (L-R): Carrie Price, Trevor Hovey, Shaun Narain, Luc Ricard, RCMP, Shelby Cire, Robert Cloherty, Chris Moss, Dawson Murschell
Front row (L-R): Dianne Greening (Youth Director) Cathy Janes (Female Chaperone), Matyna Gutfreund, Morganne Boyce,
Abbigale Hatter, Steve Dalton (Male Chaperone)

2009 Team Alberta—St-Hyacinthe, Quebec


Back Row (L-R): Shaun Narain, Jordan Schibler, Cecil Smith, Abbigale Hatter, Kliman Snow, Steve Dalton (Male Chaperone)
Front Row (L-R): Cathy Janes (Female Chaperone), Trevor Hovey, Taylor Seal, Kaylene Moss, Karli Peterson, Morganne Boyce, Carrie Price, Shelby Cire, Dianne Greening (Youth Director)

2008 Team Alberta—Winnipeg, Manitoba


Back row (L-R): Cathy Janes (Female Chaperone), Richard Boyce, Shaun Narain, Chris Moss, Bill Hatter (Male Chaperone),  Matthew McIsaac, Nikolas McNair, Kliman Snow, Dianne Greening (Youth Director)
Front row (L-R): Carrie Price, Alysha Woodford, Robyn Chubbs, Karli Peterson, Vanessa Janes, Felicia Boychuk

2007 Team Alberta—Lachine, Quebec—CANADA CUP CHAMPIONS!*


Upper Row (L-R): Corey Moss (Male Chaperone), Dianne Greening (Youth Director), Cindy Yellowdirt, Chad McIsaac, Kliman Snow, Matthew McIsaac, Chris Moss, Kyle Lunn, Donna Monks (Female Chaperone), Jake Vanderweit
Lower Row (L-R): Carrie Price, Vanessa Janes, Shelby Cire, Karli Peterson, Brittany Dalton click to read player profiles

*Tied for Canada Cup Champions with Team Saskatchewan

2006 Team Alberta—Saskatoon, Saskatchewan


Upper Row (L-R): Joel Fox, Adam Luc, Justine Rice, Phillip Daynes, Steve Kenney (Male Chaperone), Mike Farmer, Cecil Smith, Kliman Snow
Lower Row (L-R):  Cathy Janes (Female Chaperone), Robyn Chubbs, Vanessa Janes, Dianne Greening (Youth Director), Eryn Smith, Carrie Price, Cindy Yellowdirt

2005 Team Alberta—Thunder Bay, Northern Ontario


Upper Row (L-R): Carmen Chapman (Female Chaperone), Mike Farmer, Adam Luc, Jennifer Ivie, Justine Rice, Gavin Earnshaw, Clayton Badry, Corey Moss (Male Chaperone)
Lower Row (L-R): Chris Moss, Kliman Snow, Cindy Yellowdirt, Dianne Greening (Youth Director), Kayla Yellowdirt, Karli Peterson, Crystal Daynes

2004 Team Alberta—Brantford, Ontario


Upper Row (L-R): Cathy Janes (Female Chaperone), Chris Rennison (Male Chaperone), Adam Luc, B. J. McKay, Shannon Murphy, Phillip Daynes, Justine Rice, Crystal Daynes, Dianne Greening (Youth Director)
Lower Row (L-R): Clayton Badry, Kassie Brown, Christopher Moss, Karli Peterson, Lucas Lamirande, Jerica Davies

2003 Team Alberta—Saint John, New Brunswick

Back Row (L-R): Al Davies (Male Chaperone), Justine Rice, J.R. Eastman, Jason Doyle, Chris Youngs, Phillip Daynes, Adam Luc, Crystal Daynes

Front Row (L-R): Cathy Janes (Female Chaperone), Felina Badry, Clayton Badry, Cindy Pardy, Michelle Finch, Tiffany Wilhelm, Dianne Greening (Youth Director)

2002 Team Alberta—Edmonton, Alberta


Upper Row (L-R): Cathy Janes (Female Chaperone), Jake Vanderweit, Clayton Badry, Adam Luc, Jason Doyle, Scott Burnstick, B. J. McKay, Basil McKay (Male Chaperone)
Lower Row (L-R): Dianne Greening (Youth Director), Cassie Brown, Jessica Cooke, Cindy Pardy, Felina Badry, Justine Rice, Crystal Daynes

2001 Team Alberta—Dorval, Quebec


Upper Row (L-R): Sandy Gallinger (Female Chaperone), Clayton Badry, Michael Cooke, Scott Burnstick, Jason Doyle, Brett Foster, Shannon Murphy, Cole Guenette, Chelsea Keenan, Danny Twomey (Male Chaperone)
Lower Row (L-R): Dianne Greening (Youth Director), Cindy Pardy, Jessica Cook, Felina Badry, Cheryl Derenowski

2000 Team Alberta—Sault Ste Marie, Northern Ontario


Upper Row (L-R): Al Davies (Male Chaperone), Jason Doyle, Shannon Murphy, Joshua Kelly, Ryan Rookes, Brett Foster, Wyatt Thorson, Wanda Morgan (Female Chaperone)
Lower Row (L-R): Jessica Cook, Jill Vanclieaf, Felina Badry, Sarah Morgan, Cindy Pardy, B. J. McKay, Dianne Greening (Youth Director)

1999 Team Alberta—Saint John, New Brunswick


Upper Row (L-R): Danny Twomey (Male Chaperone), Cole Guenette, Jason Doyle, Eric LaFrance, Brody Howitt,
Wyatt Thorson, Chris Rennison
Lower Row (L-R): Dianne Greening (Youth Director), Nicole Derenowski, Felina Badry, Jessica Cook, Katie Stewart, Sarah Morgan, Desiree Pudwell, Joan Mahar (Female Chaperone)

1998 Team Alberta—St-Hyacinthe, Quebec


Upper Row (L-R): Wanda Morgan (Female Chaperone), B. J. McKay, B. J. Kelly, Matt Edwards, Wayne Walsh, Brody Howitt, Chris Rennison, Tony Ashurst (Male Chaperone)
Lower Row (L-R): Desiree Pudwell, Crystal Davies, Tara Murphy, Sarah Morgan, Katie Stewart, Felina Badry, Dianne Greening (Youth Director)

1997 Team Alberta—Whitehorse, Yukon


Upper Row (L-R): Danny Twomey (Male Chaperone), Georgie Davies (Female Chaperone), Janine Kelly, Sarah Morgan, Boyd Tippett, Crystal Davies, Wayne Walsh, Blaine Vanclieaf, Tim Decker
Lower Row (L-R): Dianne Greening (Youth Director), Amanda Crain, Katie Stewart, B. J. McKay, Michael Bloch, Lorna Burroughs

1996 Team Alberta—Burlington, Ontario

Upper Row (L-R): Mike Mahar (Male Chaperone), Agnes Kelly (Female Chaperone), Mike Kelly, Matt Edwards, Wayne Walsh, Tim Decker, Blaine Vanclieaf, Mark Lambert
Lower Row (L-R): Dianne Greening (Youth Director), Sarah Morgan, Katie Stewart, Lorna Burroughs, Janine Kelly, Crystal Davies, Amanda Crain

1995 Team Alberta—Regina, Saskatchewan


Upper Row (L-R): Tim Decker, Lorna Burroughs, Janine Kelly, Matt Edwards, Mark Ball, Jeff Kluthe, RCMP Officer, Scott Collins, Wayne Walsh, Andy O'Donnell, Jockey Welsh, Steve Edwards (Male Chaperone)
Lower Row (L-R): Jean Welsh (Youth Director), Crystal Davies, Amanda Crain, Sarah Morgan, Michaela Edwards, Dianne Greening (Female Chaperone)


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