Leadership Courses

Understanding the Disciplinary Process

You hoped you’d never have to deal with one! But you’ve received a complaint…now what do you do? This workshop will help your organization survive the discipline process and is jammed pack with all the tools necessary to ensure effective and manageable Disciplinary and Appeals procedures.

After taking this workshop you will have a better understanding of:

  • How to conduct a fair disciplinary hearing
  • A member’s rights in relation to the Rules of Natural Justice for private tribunals
  • The differences between Mitigating and Aggravating Factors
  • Distinguishing between hearsay and evidence
  • How to avoid excessive and disproportionate sanctions
  • Knowing the difference between the Right to Appeal and an Appeal Hearing being granted or denied

This workshop will also help you understand what should be documented in a Hearing Judgement, the minimum requirements of requesting a sanction be upheld at a higher level, and the free consultation services available from Darts Alberta.

Course Fee: $30.00 for DA members | $50.00 for non-members

Risk Management 101

We like to refer to this online workshop as "Cover Your Assets"! 

In this age of litigation, it is critical that league leaders, coaches and tournament organizers understand their legal and moral obligations to ensure the safety of their athletes and competition participants while protecting themselves and their organization in proving the absence of negligence.

This workshop will provide coaches and leaders with the necessary tools to ensure due diligence by learning how to identify and mitigate risk when running youth clubs, adult leagues and competitions. Participants will also be given the basics to determine whether Directors & Officers Liability Insurance or Coach’s Insurance is something you want to explore to protect not only your organization but your own personal assets.

Course Fee: $30.00 for DA members | $50.00 for non-members