Dartboard Set-Up

When purchasing a dartboard, choose a bristle board for durability. The board needs to be hung at exactly 5 foot 8 inches from the floor to the CENTER OF THE BULLS-EYE. Good quality boards are hung from the centre, making measurement easy.

dartboard_setupThe oche (also known as the throwing line or toe-line) must be placed exactly 7 foot 9¼ inches from the FACE of the board for a standard steel-tipped set-up and should be approximately 3 feet wide. The oche may be made of tape, a store bought throw-line sticker, or a piece of wood or metal. If a carpeted area is being used for the dartboard set-up, use a strip of wood or metal with the "hook" side of a piece of Velcro attached to the back as your throw line. You can stick it to the carpet when in use and it won't move. Then just remove it  when you're done.

To measure from the face of the board, have someone hold a plumb line or piece of string with a pencil from the bottom-front of the board to the floor. Make sure the throw line is exactly perpendicular to the face of the board and centred with the board.  This can be accomplished by measuring from the bulls-eye to each corner of the line.

A diagram is included to provide you with measurements from all perspectives.

Mounting: The board should be mounted flush to the wall.
Height: 5’ 8” from floor to center of the bullseye. 
Throwing Line: 7’ 9-1/4” from the board to the oche (or 9’ 7-3/8” when measured diagonally from the bullseye to the oche).
Throwing Lane: 2’ open on both sides of the board. 
Lighting: Proper lighting of the dartboard is critical. It is important to be able to tell exactly where each dart lands without the player moving from the oche. The ideal lighting is from 2 lamps mounted from the ceiling to the left and right of the board. The main goal is to light it reasonably bright and create as little shadow as possible.


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