Ranked Tournament Forms

Darts Alberta and NDFC Ranked Tournament Guidelines

Darts Alberta governs all provincially ranked tournaments within the province of Alberta.

Darts Alberta has created Ranked Tournament Guidelines to provide consistency throughout all Adult and Youth Darts Alberta Ranked Tournaments and to provide control of the Darts Alberta Ranking System. 

The NDFC governs all national ranked tournaments in Canada. Darts Alberta is required to authorize all NDFC ranked tournaments held within its jurisdiction, in accordance with NDFC Regulations. In order to from an Alberta event to receive authorization from Darts Alberta for NDFC ranking, the event must be Darts Alberta ranked.

Specific requirements, criteria, guidelines and forms are available in the ranked tournament package.

Darts Alberta Adult Ranked Tournament Package and Forms

Darts Alberta Youth Ranked Tournament Package and Forms


For more information or to apply for DA ranking, contact the DA Tournament Director.