Alberta Masters Games

Alberta Masters Games

The 2019 Alberta Masters Games is Alberta Sport Connection’s inaugural Alberta Masters Games.

From August 22-25th 2019, Rocky Mountain House and Clearwater County will be the hosting community for the 2019 Alberta Masters Games. An estimated 1,200 participants will travel from across Alberta to participate in the four-day event.

Athletes 30 years of age and older will be representing 14 different sports. Over 600 volunteers from our local area with multiple sponsors will be working towards a common goal to set the bar high for the first Alberta Masters Games.

Darts - Participant Criteria for the Alberta Masters Games

  • Men’s Singles – Age 30 to 54                                      (Born between January 1, 1965 and December 31, 1989)
  • Women’s Singles – Age 30 to 54

Masters Games Qualifier

Athletes must be or become a member of Darts Alberta and qualify through the Darts Alberta Qualifiers that will be organized by Darts Alberta Zone Directors throughout Alberta between February and April 2019. Qualifier Results must be submitted to the Tournament Director no later than Sunday, April 28, 2019.

The Masters Games Qualifier will be a one-day event consisting of round robin groups to a straight knockout draw.

Darts Alberta Zone Qualifier Fee: $20.00 for members; or $25.00 for non-members (includes DA affiliated membership)

Alberta Masters Games

A maximum of 24 male athletes and 24 female athletes will qualify to compete and register for the Masters Games through Darts Alberta. The number of qualifying participants from each zone will be based on the percentage of participation within each zone, determined by Darts Alberta.

The Alberta Masters Games competition will be a two-day event (Friday August 23 and Saturday August 24, 2019) consisting of round robin groups to a double knockout draw each day. The total points over the two days will determine the Masters Champion.

All events shall be the game of 501, straight in, double out. All events will be held in accordance with the National Darts Federation Official Rules of Play, including the NDFC Tie-Breaker Rules for all ties (which affect placement positions for advancement to the knock-out round).