Youth Development

Objectives of our Youth Program

  • To inspire youth, regardless of ethnicity, faith or athletic ability to play darts
  • To promote participation in the community
  • Practicing the ideals of good health, citizenship and character, to bring our youth closer together through the means of a common interest in darts
  • Promoting good sportsmanship by positive example
  • Keeping the welfare of the player first and entirely free of the adult desire for success
  • To learn the skills, strategies, rules and etiquette of darts

Why darts?

Alberta has a very large population of young people who play a variety of sports. A dart club offers something other than the usual game of football, basketball and soccer. Darts is a competitive precision sport without the aggression and/or full contact found in many other sports.

By playing darts you can expect to learn or improve upon:

  • hand eye coordination
  • math’s skills
  • concentration
  • decision making
  • team building
  • leadership
  • responsibility of commitment
  • objectivity
  • good sportsmanship
  • strategic thinking
  • social skills
  • self analysis
  • relaxation techniques
  • self control
  • self-worth, self-respect, and self-esteem

The other great advantages are the social experience and long term friendships that can be made. And the best part of all is that it's a relatively inexpensive sport with a good set of darts costing around $30 to $50.

Despite what many people think, the game of darts is not about how many times you hit the bull’s-eye but how you play the game.

Who knows you might be a champion of the future. If you are between 9 and 18 years of age (ages vary by club) and want to enjoy the friendships and competition that can be made with other youth players, then come out and play!

Benefits of a Darts Alberta Member Youth Club in your community

  • Gets your youth away from the computer games and active in sport regardless of their physically athletic abilities.
  • Our youth program offers several levels of competition, all at the choice of the youth player. Whether a youth member wishes to remain active only at the local league level or aspire to compete in provincial, national and world championships, there is something for everyone.
  • Darts Alberta funds and organizes a variety of youth development competitions every year.
  • Grants and subsidization is available to our youth members to compete in various programs.
  • We have a nationally-recognized coaching program.
  • Darts Alberta’s major funding is through Gaming Proceeds from a Casino run by Darts Alberta in Edmonton every two years. A minimum of 50% of these proceeds are spent on our Youth Program. While volunteering is optional, a certain percentage of volunteers are expected from the youth sector and if you are unable to volunteer, it is greatly appreciated if the player's parent find a replacement volunteer to take their place.

Our Youth are our future Champions - "Please support them!"


Find a club in your community

Interested in starting a youth club in your community...feel free to download this information to help you get started:


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