COVID-19 Safe Return to Darts Protocols

Darts is a recognized sport in Alberta. As the governing body for the sport of darts in Alberta, it is expected that Darts Alberta provide the necessary sport-specific guidance for the creation of mini dart club cohorts during Stage 2. 

Any dart league formed during Stage 2, regardless of location, is required to follow the Government of Alberta’s Guidance for Organized Sport, Physical Activity & Recreation and expected to follow sport-specific supplemental protocols. 

Darts Alberta has created COVID-19 Protocols for a Safe Return to Darts in Stage 2 to assist leaders in ensuring a safe return to our sport. 

Before joining any mini dart club/league cohort, dart players in Alberta are urged to review these protocols to know what they should expect and do their research regarding what screening and safety protocols are in place for that cohort, including what measures are in place to protect the public patrons outside of the cohort.

As stated by Dr. Hinshaw on June 9, 2020, “These (cohort) numbers do not guarantee safety. What they do is they help us contain if there is an exposure or small outbreak, contain the number of people who would be exposed to make sure it doesn’t spread widely.” 

We ask everyone to please stay safe and play safe. 

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