Youth Provincials

The Youth Provincial Championship Program

One of the longest standing Darts Alberta programs available to our youth members.

The objective of the program is to host a provincial championship to establish a team to represent Alberta at the NDFC Canadian Youth National Championship

Age Eligibility Requirements

Youth members compete in two different age categories – Junior Youth and Senior Youth.

  • Male Junior Youth – Must be 15 years of age or younger as of Oct 1 of the current membership year
  • Male Senior Youth – Must be 18 years of age or younger as of Oct 1 of the current membership year
  • Female Junior Youth – Must be 15 years of age or younger as of Oct 1 of the current membership year
  • Female Senior Youth – Must be 18 years of age or younger as of Oct 1 of the current membership year

Youth Clubs

Youth clubs exist throughout Alberta where youth members can learn the sport, develop their skills and compete in weekly competition. For more information on how you can become a member of a youth club, get in touch with one of our Youth Club Contacts.

If you're interested in creating a youth club or becoming involved as a volunteer or youth coach, please contact DA Youth Director.

Provincial Championship 

Youth clubs often hold in-house competitions to familiarize their members with the format of the Provincial Championship.

Although all youth club members are eligible to compete at the Provincial Championships, youth coaches may recommend that a member is not yet ready for that level of competition.

Youth players that are not a memer of a youth club can buy-in as an independent competitor.

Darts Alberta Member Club Fees:

  • Darts Alberta Club Membership (Youth) – $3.00 per youth
  • Darts Alberta Adult Membership - no charge for all coaches and volunteers

NDFC Membership Fees:

Each person that competes at the Provincial Championship must be a Darts Alberta/NDFC Member. The NDFC membership fee for DA youth club members is included in the provincial registration fee.

Independent buy-in players may purchase an NDFC membership in advance or at the event at a cost of $40.00.

Darts Alberta will provide each youth club with one free NDFC membership upgrade for one coach. All other coaches and volunteers can purchase an NDFC Membership Upgrade for $20.00.

Seeding for the Youth Provincial Championship is as follows:

The Provincial Championship is held in various locations throughout Alberta and typically on the last “full” weekend in February.

  • Day 1 - competitors are placed into the round robin sections based on the Youth Ranking list.
  • Day 2 - competitors will be seeded into the round robin draw based on the number of points achieved from Day 1. Ties for seeding are based on their current position on the ranking list. 

Format of the Provincials

Consists of Round Robin play advancing to a double knockout. Players are issued points based on their finishing position each day.

At the end of the two days, the points are tallied to determine the finishing position of each competitor. 

Youth Provincial Registration Fees:

  • $30.00 per person for DA-affiliated Youth Club Members, includes NDFC membership fee
  • $60.00 per person – through Individual Buy-In (non-members of a youth club), plus DA/NDFC membership

Team Alberta

From the final results of the Youth Provincial Championship, the top 2 in each of the four categories (Junior Male, Senior Male, Junior Female, Senior Female) form Team Alberta to represent our province at the NDFC Canadian Youth National Championship, accompanied by the DA Youth Director, one male coach/chaperone and one female coach/chaperone.

Should there be any ties after the completion of the Provincials, any ties affecting the placement of members on the team shall be played in accordance with NDFC rules (one game of 701 against all those tied).

All youth members of Team Alberta will be required to pay a Team Commitment Fee with a portion of this to be returned if a volunteer is provided for the Darts Alberta Casino. Consult the Youth Director for more details.

Nationals Championship

The National Championship is held on the May Long Weekend in a different province each year.

This initiative is funded in part by Alberta Sport. Team Alberta travel to the Nationals is funded in a great part through Alberta Gaming proceeds.