Resources for Parents

Keeping Our Child Athletes Safe

Darts Alberta has taken the NCCP Responsible Coaching Movement Pledge to ensure our athletes and coaches are protected.

Before enrolling your child in any sport, know what measures the sport club has in place to ensure your child is in a safe and comfortable learning environment, free from bullying, harassment, hazing, abuse and discrimination. 

Our Youth Club Page has been redesigned to ensure that, as a parent, you are fully aware of what measures each of our youth clubs have or do not put in place before enrolling your child or children in a youth dart program in Alberta. 

Under each Darts Alberta Member Youth Club, you will see the following symbols beside a series of initiatives:

      — means that the Darts Alberta Youth Club has fully implemented the initiative

       — means that the Darts Alberta Youth Club has committed to the initiative and is in the progress of full implementation

     — means that the Darts Alberta Youth Club has chosen not to implement this initiation

     U  — means the status is unknown or not yet determined

Additional Resources for Parents and Youth Athletes

COMMIT TO KIDS OVERVIEW VIDEO — this 7-minute video is intended to provide parents with an overview of child sexual abuse and understanding the grooming process in order to prevent it. This is available at no charge, but you will need to create a user account on Darts Alberta's eLearning platform (MindFlash).