Player Dart Tips

Becoming the Competitor, not just the opponent

These are an assortment of articles for sport competitors on a variety of topics, compiled by our Certifed Alberta Coaches: Dean Lawson, Sandi Orr and Brenda Dietrich. 

  • Gaining the Winning Edge - excerpts from an article written by R.Newkirk, – Head Coach of the St. Louis Comets AAU Girl's Basketball Basketball Club
  • Goal Setting - articles on goal setting and dreaming big
  • Managing Distractions - articles on managing distractions and how to develop your own personal “focus plan” 
  • Visualization & Relaxation Techniques - articles on visualization, mental imagery, relaxation; mental imagery quick set routine; quick relaxation method
  • Confidence - articles on confidence-building and the difference between being cocky and confident
  • Stretching Exercises - article on the importance of stretching and sample exercises

More sports tips and dart-specific tips will be posted from time to time. Check back often for updates.


To submit a dart tip (or sports tip in general) for the DA Website, please contact the DA Communications Director.