Intermediate Development Awards

Intermediate Development Award

The Intermediate Development Award was created to provide recognition to those members that compete in ranked tournaments but did not finish in the top 2 men or top 2 women who received the Elite Development Award. 

The Intermediate Development Award is a draw that is based on one entry for each member who has earned ranking points throughout the season, with the exception of the four Elite Development Award recipients.

One male and one female winner will each receive $250 toward expenses directly related to participating in an upcoming DA-ranked tournament.

The intent of this program is to encourage members to travel to compete in more out of town competitions. Therefore it is expected that the winners utilize the funding to participate in a DA-ranked tournament outside their area of residence - an event they may not otherwise participate in without this funding.

Recent program changes - News Release - September 18, 2010 

For more information on this program contact the DA Administrator.

Congratulations to the winners of the draw for the 2011-12 Intermediate Development Award:

  • Men's Ranking List Award
    Rodney Leyte
  • Women's Ranking List Award
    Georgina Gibb 

Prior Intermediate Development Award Winners:


  • 2010-11
    Frank St. Pierre
    Judy Johns

  • 2009-10
    Paul Hatcher
    Barb Lazaruk

  • 2008-09
    Men - Fred Seaward
    Women - Judy Johns

  • 2007-08
    Men - Darren Gunderson
    Women - Michelle Spicer

  • 2006-07
    Men - Bill McDowall
    Women - Georgina Gibb

  • 2005-06 (Photos)
    Men - Eugene Earnshaw
    Women - Barb Lazaruk