Coaching Program

National Dart Coaching Program administered by Darts Alberta 

Being a coach takes passion and dedication. Being a great coach, often requires additional training.

Darts Alberta was a major catalyst in the development of the Dart Coaching Development Program, which was adopted at the 2005 NDFC Annual General Meeting. Pilot workshops were conducted between October and December 2005 and met with a great deal of success. Since then, many Albertans and other dart coaches from across Canada have taken various levels of coaching education to assist them in developing their coaching skills.

With Darts Alberta's goal of ensuring the continued success and viability of the National Dart Coaching Program, an agreement was struck between the NDFC and Darts Alberta in January 2011. Darts Alberta now administers the entire coaching program on behalf of the NDFC and receives revenue for this administration through participant course fees.

Prior to this agreement, courses outside of Alberta were typically available only at the Youth or Adult National Championships. With an already full schedule and few coaches attending from across Canada, this limited the participation for many.

One of Darts Alberta’s first initiatives when taking over the administration of the program was to develop the NDFC Coaching courses into eLearning modules to be available online. Whether you are in British Columbia, Prince Edward Island or somewhere in between, these courses are available to you at any time and you are able to work through the course at your own pace.

NDFC Dart Coaching Course Outlines and Fees

The eLearning platform is easy to use and no special software is required! Coaches have the ability to work at their own pace.

The NDFC Level 1 Coaching Course is provided in a competency-based modularized e-Learning format, consisting of the following:

  • About Coaching Accreditation
  • Introduction to Coaching
  • Dart Equipment
  • Dart Techniques
  • Introduction to Dart Strategy
  • Introduction to NDFC Rules
  • Introduction to Dart Administration
  • Introduction to Dart Competitions
  • Dart Skills Development
  • Introduction to Health, Fitness and Safety

Course Fee: $70.00 (includes $10.00 Accreditation Registration Fee)

The NDFC Level 2 Coaching Course (coming soon) is provided in a competency-based modularized e-Learning format, consisting of the following:

  • Advanced Dart Strategy
  • Advanced NDFC Rules
  • National Dart Competitions
  • Advanced Fitness
  • Introduction to Sport Psychology
  • International Dart Administration
  • International Rules and Dart Competitions
  • Advanced Sport Psychology
  • Team Building

Course Fee: $60.00 (coming soon)


NCCP Multi-Sport Workshops

NCCP Multi-Sport Workshops are a requirement through the NDFC Dart Coaching Program. These workshops are offered throughout Canada, typically by the Provincial/Territorial government or a privacy agency. Click here for the course outlines for all NCCP Multi-Sport Courses.

NCCP courses must be accessed through the Coaching Association of Canada's course calendar and an NCCP Coach Number is required to register. 

NCCP Course Fees are set by each provincial/territorial government or coaching association and vary per course

Coaching Accreditation

Click here for more information on coaching accreditation.