Seniors Athletes

Darts Alberta Youth / 50+ Program

Darts Alberta values the mentorship abilities and experience our 50+ members can provide to the youth in our sport.

Darts Alberta organizes and hosts a Junior Youth/50+ event and a Senior Youth/50+ event in conjunction with a Darts Alberta Ranked Youth Tournament each year, typically in Ponoka.

Adults must be 50 years or older at the time of the competition. Youth age requirements are in accordance with the DA Youth Age Eligibility Requirements.

The two separate youth/50+ competitions are typically held on the Saturday morning of the ranked tournament. Although these are 'bring your own partner' events, Darts Alberta is always looking for 50+ members to partner with many of our youth competitors.

If you are a 50+ dart player without a youth partner and are interested in participating in an upcoming event, please contact our DA Youth Director.

Alberta 55 plus Games

The Alberta 55 Plus Association host the Alberta 55 plus Games every second year. The sport of darts is associated with the Summer 55 Plus Games.

Zone qualifiers are held bi-annually throughout Alberta between November and January prior to the Provincial Games. The Alberta 55 plus Summer Games are hosted bi-annually, every odd year, in an Alberta location selected through a bidding process. 

The 55 plus Games Rules for darts are in effect throughout all levels of competition. Although there have been different elite player disqualifications in the past, restrictions no longer exist. Any former member of Team Alberta is eligibility to participate provided they meet the Alberta 55 Plus (ASCSRA) membership requirements.

"Alberta 55 plus Games encourage physical and cultural creativity contributing to a sense of independence and well-being in our elder citizens. All participants must be at least 55 years of age by December 31 on the year of the Games and must be members of Alberta 55 Plus (ASCSRA)."

The Alberta 55 plus Games is directed by the highest standards of good sportsmanship and fair play.  Therefore, participation demands high standards of personal conduct on and off the field of play.


  1. Represent their zones as goodwill ambassadors, with dignity, personal integrity, and within the spirit of good sportsmanship at all times both in and out of competition. 
  2. Attend both the Games Opening and Closing Ceremonies, wearing the provided Zone identification.  Zone shirts should be worn during the medal presentations and throughout the Games as much as possible.  
  3. Show respect for:
      • The members of your own team and the entire contingent representing your Zone
      • The members of all teams competing from other Zones
      • The rules and standards set down by the ASRPWF, Alberta 55 plus Association, the respective Provincial Sport Associations, the Host Community, and the Mission staff  
      • The officials' decisions  
      • The people of the host community including Games Staff, volunteers, spectators, local business personnel, etc.  
      • The Games policy stating that all Games activity venues shall be designated 'non-smoking'
      • Refrain from consuming alcoholic beverages during the Games competitions