How Darts Alberta Seeding Works

Organizers of the provincials are often asked to explain how the seeding works. It is most often easier to explain it visually. This article has been put together to better explain how the placing of seeds are determined. 

Principles of seeding

If everyone came out of section in the order of their seeding and the higher seed always wins in the knockout, the #1 seed and the #2 seed would face each other in the final. If there are any upsets, this can completely skew the seeding. 

Where to place seeds

To determine where to place seeds in the round robin, so that they are properly seeded into the knockout based on finishing in the right order, you need to start at the final and work your way backwards. The two seeds playing against each other must always add up to 1 more than the number of players still left in the knockout. This ensures that the highest seed is playing the lowest seed. 

As you will see in the seed numbers listed on the two sample knockout sheets (both a 64 draw, one with 8 sections, one with 16 sections), the 2 competitors' seed numbers add up to 3, 5, 9, 17, 33 or 65. 

If there are more than 32 players going through to the knockout, you still need to use the applicable 64-person draw sheets. 

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