Updates to Sport Guidance Documents

To all Member League Executives and Members:

It was quite disturbing to see posts that suggest that Darts Alberta is trying to control darts, leagues or bars throughout Alberta or hiding information from its members. As the governing body for our sport, our job is to ensure that member leagues and members have the necessary information regarding what the current government requirements are (which are public documents available online and can accessed by anyone) and to offer guidelines so that we can all continue to play our sport safely within current government restrictions. Because we are in such unprecedented times, these requirements change rapidly. 

Yesterday, the Alberta’s Sport, Physical Activity and Recreation department informed Darts Alberta about recent changes to the guidance document that took effect on August 28, 2020. There will also be a meeting scheduled in the very near future to help all sport organizations understand these new changes. 

One of the most significant changes relating to darts is that our sport has been included in a brand new section titled: “Leagues where 2 metre distancing can be maintained between teams (e.g., Bowling, Curling, Darts, Lawn Bowling)” (detailed on Page 9 of the above link). However, it is important to understand that this means that the 2 metre distancing must always be maintained at all times. If physical distancing of at least 2 metres can be maintained at all times, there is no limit to the number of teams within a league. This was NEVER an option until just days ago. 

However, it is believed that there is a limited number of dart venues in Alberta where 2 metre distance can always be maintained. Most dartboard set ups are less than 6 feet apart. So that would require that most venues would have to remove every other dartboard and even then, depending upon the space within the playing area or pub, 2 metre distancing might still be a challenge. 
The Darts Alberta Board of Directors just wishes to suggest caution be used when considering this new allowance of unlimited teams.

Questions that league organizers need to ask themselves included:

  • Do all of our venues and playing areas provide enough space to ensure physical distancing of at least 2 meters between teams can be maintained at all times? 
  • Does our league have the necessary resources to ensure that physical distancing between teams is maintained at all times? 

If a league or club can enforce and monitor social distancing practices, then cohort of 50 or less do not have to be set up for a league. However, the cohort system is still an option for leagues that know physical distancing cannot be maintained at all times or for a league does not have the resources to regularly monitor all venues. 

Members are also reminded that many leagues play out of legions and other services clubs and it is important that they follow any additional rules that are set up to protect their older patrons that are at higher risk. 
Our Administrator has fielded many calls and emails from our adult league and youth club organizers and she will continue to be available as a resource for any leagues that have additional questions or need further clarification on how to get the season started. 

Fred Seaward
Darts Alberta President

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