Individual Membership

Membership Criteria

  • Any person residing in Alberta may become a member
    - Individual members of a Darts Alberta Member League automatically become a Darts Alberta member
  • If an individual Darts Alberta Member League member holds a current NDFC membership card with another NDFC member darts body, they are considered ineligible for any Darts Alberta grant funding and could be deemed ineligible for certain Darts Alberta awards.
  • Individuals temporarily residing outside of the province of Alberta, for no greater than six months, may retain their Darts Alberta or Darts Alberta/NDFC membership. 

Membership Fees:

Membership Benefits

Whether you are a new player learning how to play darts or an experienced competitor, Darts Alberta membership provides many benefits. DA Memberships with National Affiliation are open to all residents of Alberta. An individual may become a member at any time throughout the annual membership term from October 1 to September 30. (There are many reasons for your league to join DA as well. Please review the Member League Benefits or the Join - League page)

Darts Alberta Membership Benefits include the opportunity to:

  • Participate in Darts Alberta member-only competitions, events and programs
  • Participate in Darts Alberta Adult and/or Youth Ranking System
  • Be eligible for Darts Alberta awards

Additional benefits of being an NDFC Member include the opportunity to:

  • Compete in the Darts Alberta Zone Qualifier Playoffs
  • Qualify and compete in the Darts Alberta Elite Adult Provincial Championship
  • Compete in the Darts Alberta Youth Provincials
  • Participate in the NDFC Adult Ranking System
  • Gain entry directly into the National Championship (Singles event only)
  • Compete in the Americas Cup Qualifier
  • Qualify to compete in the World Cup Qualifier
  • Participate in other NDFC Member-Only competitions and programs



For more information about DA membership, please contact the DA Membership Director.
Download the PDF Darts Alberta Brochure