2017 Provincial Eligibility List

All zone results are in and those guaranteed to participate in the 2017 Provincial Championship have now been published. If you are planning on participating in the event, please ensure that you review all of the pertinent information and links listed below as well as the tournament poster and eligible lists.

Special room rates have been made available at the Ramada Inn (host venue). The rates and booking details are included on the poster.

A total of 64 women are accepted into the provincial championship. With a total of 6 players eligible to accept their invitation directly to the provincials, this leaves 59 spots open for zone qualifiers.

  • Wenda Carter Picard (Top 4 on the April 30, 2016 Ranking List)
  • Crystal Chiasson (Top 4 on the April 30, 2016 Ranking List)
  • Jeannie McGuire (ECDLA League Reigning Singles Champion)
  • Angelina Palumbi (Top 4 on the April 30, 2016 Ranking List)
  • Sarah Spocchi (Cochrane Mixed League Reigning Singles Champion)
  • Ivy Wieshlow (Top 4 on the April 30, 2016 Ranking List)

With only 53 zone participants, all women are eligible. The women’s list shows the order of seeding for Day 1 of the event.

The 2016 Men’s Zone Playoffs had a great response with a total of 109 participants. A total of 80 men are accepted into the provincial championship. This includes the 10 players that are eligible to accept their invitation directly to the provincials:

  • Scott Collins (MHDL Reigning Singles Champion)
  • Jim Edwards (Top 4 on the April 30, 2016 Ranking List)
  • Joel Fox (Cochrane Mixed League Reigning Singles Champion)
  • Keith Giles (ECDLA Reigning Singles Champion)
  • Johnny Hannon (EIPDLA Reigning Singles Champion)
  • Shane Harvey (Red Deer & District Premier League Reigning Singles Champion)
  • Dion LaViolette (Top 4 on the April 30, 2016 Ranking List)
  • Ben Lim (TAME Reigning Singles Champion)
  • Keith Sheppard (Top 4 on the April 30, 2016 Ranking List)
  • Terry Watson (CPDA Reigning Singles Champion)

For the remaining 70 spots, the following is a breakdown of the allotment of participants eligible to enter from each zone:

  • Zone 1 – Medicine Hat area – 1 zone participant
  • Zone 1a – Lethbridge area – 10 zone participants
  • Zone 2 – Cochrane area – 6 zone participants
  • Zone 3 – Calgary – 17 zone participants
  • Zone 4 – Red Deer area – 5 zone participants
  • Zone 5 (inactive)
  • Zone 6 – Edmonton – 21 zone participants
  • Zone 7 – Fort McMurray area – 7 zone participants
  • Zone 8 – Grande Prairie area – 3 zone participants

The men’s list of eligible participants shows those guaranteed a spot in the 2017 Provincials. For those listed as PENDING, eligibility is dependent on the number of guaranteed players that show up to participate from each zone. It is important to note that some players compete in the Zone playoffs and although they may have a guaranteed spot, they often choose not to travel to the provincials. This opens up additional spots for zone participants listed as pending and any individuals wishing to buy into the event that didn’t compete in zones. If any guaranteed players in your zone are not participating, this would automatically moved everyone up on the list from your zone.

  • If more than 80 men show up to register, the following order is used to determine eligibility:
  • All those players listed as guaranteed as well as any pending players to fill the total spots allocated to each zone.
  • If additional spots are still available, these will be filled from other zone participants based on a formula that includes seeding points and current Darts Alberta ranking.
  • Any individuals that wish to buy into the event that didn’t complete in zone playoffs provided space is available.

Anyone planning on participating in the 2017 Provincial Championships should be aware of the following key points:

The 2017 National Championships are being held in Saint John, New Brunswick. If you make the team, you will be required to be in attendance from Sunday, June 11 through Friday, June 16. There are optional ranked tournaments the weekend prior and the weekend after.

Along with the coaching team, only a total of 8 men and 8 women will be provided funding by Darts Alberta to participate at the Nationals.

As a member of Team Alberta and this being a casino year, the Team Qualifier / Commitment Fee will be $400.00 per person with the opportunity to earn $200.00 back in you work the next casino (Third Quarter of 2017). This fee entitles each team member with transportation, shared accommodations during the National Championship, a team shirt, banquet ticket and their entry fee into the nationals – all paid by Darts Alberta.

The format of play at the Provincials, for both the men's and women's events, is a round robin advancing to a double knockout:

  • Under 32 players – 8 sections of up to a maximum of 4 players with all players advancing to a 32-draw
  • 33 to 40 players – 8 sections of up to a maximum of 5 players with the top 4 advancing to a 32-draw
  • 41 to 48 players – 8 sections of up to a maximum of 6 players with all players advancing to a 64-draw
  • 49 to 64 players – 16 sections of up to a maximum of 4 players with all players advancing to a 64-draw
  • 65 to 80 players (men) – 16 sections of up to a maximum of 5 players with the top 4 advancing to a 64-draw

All details regarding the 2017 Provincial Championships are contained on the poster. Should you have any questions, please contact the DA Administrator (administrator@dartsalberta.com) or the DA Tournament Director (tournament@dartsalberta.com).

2016 WestJet Raffle Winner

Congratulation to Diane McClennan of Sherwood Park, winner of the Darts Alberta raffle. Diane has won a flight for 2 on any regularly scheduled WestJet flight.


Teamwork at it's Best!

Darts Alberta is pleased to report on a new initiative for darts in the Edmonton area. What started as the first-ever joint banquet of all major Edmonton dart leagues has turned into a campaign to market all three of their leagues.

Many dart players might notice some new signage around Edmonton for the next two weeks. This joint initiative was created by the Monday night Tactics League (TAME), the Wednesday night Pub League (EIPDLA) and the Thursday night City League (ECDLA) and includes Bridge Banner advertising in all four quadrants of the city, a new website (www.yegdarts.com) that provides links to all three major leagues in the Edmonton area and a new Facebook Page .

Kudos to the executives of the three major Edmonton leagues in showing how working together can accomplish great things!

You can't WIN a WestJet Flight for Two if you don't have a ticket!

Hello Alberta Dart Players!!!

Would you like a chance to win one return trip for two people to any scheduled Westjet destination? What are you waiting for then?  Darts Alberta still has raffle tickets available for sale!!!

Tickets are 1 for $5 or 3 for $10

We have made it super easy to buy your tickets too.  Just fill out our online order form and Etransfer the money to payments@dartsalberta.com.  We will email you a picture of your filled-in tickets and send the originals by post mail.

Most of the Darts Alberta Board Members also have tickets to sell, so if you see one of us you may be able to buy your tickets in person!!

The winning ticket will be drawn at the Ponoka Legion on November 5th, 2016.

Don’t miss out on your chance to win this fabulous prize!!  Order your tickets now!!

Tournament Participant Survey

The current survey is available for participants:

March 2016 eNews

Check out Darts Alberta recent news activities.

Call for Coaches

As more coaches are being trained, Darts Alberta has implemented a new system to apply as a coach for the Youth and Adult Teams.

  • Darts Alberta Coaches must have successfully completed the NDFC Level 1 Coaching course (online) and the NCCP Make Ethical Decisions module (classroom). Consideration may be given to someone that is in the process of completing the on-line course or already registered for the classroom course, depending on other qualifications or experience and the qualifications of other candidates.
  • Each applicant must complete the Darts Alberta Volunteer Application and submit this to Darts Alberta by no later than February 29, 2016.
  • Each applicant will be required to meet the screening criteria as outlined in Darts Alberta Policy 022.
  • Each applicant must be available, preferably in person or by teleconference, for the interview process that will be held on the evening on Saturday, March 19, 2016 in Ponoka.

Note that when completing the application for coaches, the options are listed under “Appointed Positions”. If interested in either Youth or Adult, please click on your preferred choice in the drop down menu and make a note of your second choice in the Comments Section.

Should a coach have any questions regarding training, certification or the selection process, please contact administrator@dartsalberta.com for more details.

Positions Up for Election at the 2016 AGM

The Annual General Meeting notice has been posted and the agenda is included on the back of the AGM Shoot Poster. The Darts Alberta Board wanted to remind all of our members about the positions that are up for election:

  • First Vice President
  • Secretary
  • Youth Director
  • Membership DIrector

If interested in a position, we strongly encourage you to review the position description to get a better idea of what those roles and responsibilities woudl be. All position descriptions can be viewed under "About Us" / "Board Members", either at the top right of the webpage or under each of the current members in that position.

Darts Alberta has updated their Volunteer Screening Policy which includes the submission of a volunteer application form. If interested in more than one position, list your most preferred position in the drop down menu and any other positions in the Comments Section. Individuals can submit their application in advance or bring it with you to the AGM. All Board Members must comply with the Screening Policy, which for some positions require a police record check.

2016 Member League Doubles Championship

Unlike most tournaments, this event has a registration deadline at the end of February. This is to allow the event organizers with the necessary time to verify that both team members are registered as Member League members with Darts Alberta, as well as to confirm eligibility to compete as a team (only one elite per team).

Based on feedback from members and clarification of elite status lists, some changes have been made for the 2016 Member League Doubles Championship.

  • The doubles champions will still receive their airfare and shared accommodations for the 2017 GVO.
  • The runners up will now each receive a coupon for free entry into a singles event at a Darts Alberta Ranked Tournament.
  • Although an elite list is being published now to provide an idea of those currently with "elite" status, the Darts Alberta Elite List will be updated directly following the Provincial Championships. The Darts Alberta ranking list published after the 2016 Adult Provincials and the NDFC Official Ranking List published on January 1, 2016 will now be used for the purposes of the list of elite players for the Member League Doubles, rather than in the past when official ranking lists were used that were almost a year old.

The funding of this event is paid from Alberta Sport Grant Funds and the intention is to get our intermediate league members competing in provincial competitions.

It is important to note that members need to take the elite list into consideration when choosing partners to play in the event. Teams are still encouraged to register early; however, should there be any two elite players on a team (based on the republished list as of mid-February), those elite players will need to find new non-elite partners. Although the criteria for the elite list has changed, this has been the practice for several years now.

See poster for details

Current Elite List as of January 25, 2016


2016 Annual General Meeting and Tournament

Due to increasing participation over the last few years and the challenge finding venues with a sufficient number of dart boards, Darts Alberta has made some modifications to this year's events:

  • 2016 Member League Doubles Championship - Saturday, March 19 - more information to follow
  • 2016 Youth AGM Shoot - Saturday, March 19 - see poster for details
  • 2016 Annual General Meeting - Sunday, March 20 - agenda and link to key documents on the second page of the AGM Shoot poster
  • 2016 Adult AGM Shoot - Sunday, March 20 - see poster for details - Adults must be in attendance at the AGM to participate in the tournament

2016 Provincial Championship Details & Eligibility Lists

All zone results are in and those guaranteed to participate in the 2016 Provincial Championship have now been published. If you are planning on participating in the event, please ensure that you review all of the pertinent information and links listed below as well as the tournament poster and eligible lists.

Special room rates have been made available at the Coast Plaza Hotel & Conference Centre not far from the venue. The rates and booking details are included on the poster.

Read more »

Tournament Participant Survey Links

The following surveys are currently active:

Win your Entry Fee into the Alberta Provincials

Darts Alberta is conducting a dart player demographics survey, including how often you play and how much you would typically spend during league play or at tournaments.

Albertans have the opportunity to win their entry fee into the 2016 Provincial Championships (up to a maximum of $80.00). Out of province participation is also encouraged and anyone from outside of Alberta has the opportunity to win $75.00 toward their entry fees at any ranked tournament in Alberta.

This survey will take only 10 minutes or so to complete and all personal information will be kept confidential.

The survey is available at: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/WR9CFJK

Darts Alberta encourages all members to share this post on their Facebook page to maximize participation.

Award Presentation

—Saturday, October 3, 2015

A special presentation was made on Saturday morning to Shawn Burt for achieving his Perfect Game (180, 180, 141) during the 2015 Ontario Open just prior to the National Championships in St. Catharines. Sandi Orr, DA Administrator and Provincial Director, presented Shawn with two plaques; one on behalf of the National Darts Federation of Canada and one from Darts Alberta.

Congratulations again Shawn!

Photo by Brenda Dietrich, DA First Vice

Youth Darts starting in Fort McMurray

Congratulations and a well deserved thank you to all of the adult volunteers and coaches that have gotten together to form the first-ever youth dart league in Fort McMurray on Sunday afternoons.

See their poster for more information about registration and weekly play.

Fall 2015 eNews

Darts Alberta published two electronic newsletters annually—one in the fall and one in the Spring. Click here for the Fall 2015 issue.

Past issues can be found by clicking on "on-line newsletters" in the News link on the left side menu.

Membership Renewal Time

All NDFC Membership Cards expired on September 30th. There are a variety of ways you can renew your membership. TIME SAVING TIPS for those purchasing their membership in person—complete the form ahead of time, print it and bring it with you to the Klondike Open or your Zones Playoffs.

  1. Purchase your membership from the Darts Alberta Membership Director at the Klondike Open next weekend where you can get your card at the same time instead of waiting for it in the mail
  2. Purchase your membership from your Zone Director at your upcoming Zone Playoffs
  3. Complete and email your membership form and etransfer funds to payments@dartsalberta.com
  4. Complete and print your membership form and sent it with your cheque to the Darts Alberta Post Box listed on the form

Membership Form (in PDF fillable form)

See Adult Member Leagues to see if you're eligible for the reduced rate for all Member League members.

Final Day of National Coaches Week


Darts Alberta would like to thank all of our members for allowing us to share with you the recognition of all our 2015 Nationals Coaches and Youth Club Coaches during National Coaches Week.

Passion and Commitment—the 2 key attributes needed to become a Dart Coach!! The rest you can learn!

Darts Alberta administers the National Dart Coaching Accreditation Program on behalf of the NDFC! Darts Alberta is proud to announcement the launch of the new eLearning opportunity for those interested in pursuing a volunteer coaching career in the sport of darts.

As one of our youth coaches quoted “coaching youth darts is more rewarding than any championship title”. If you have the passion and commitment to be a dart coach, there is a wealth of courses available to give you the necessary competencies to coach at the club, provincial and national level.

The Youth are the future of our sport! If you’re interested in becoming involved in an existing youth club, our youth clubs are always looking for additional volunteers and coaches. If you’re interested in starting a new youth club in your area, Darts Alberta has a very comprehensive Youth Club Development Manual that contains a wealth of information and resources to help you get started. The Board is also here to help in any way we can.

Many Darts Alberta members think that to be a Coach at the National Championships, you have to be a member of the Board or Coach at the Youth Club level. But Coaching Accreditation is the key to becoming a Nationals Coach. For more information on how to become a dart coach, see the National Dart Coaching Accreditation Program.

In conjunction with National Coaches Week, Darts Alberta is also pleased to announce the launch of our new Coaching Accreditation Grant Funding Program. Although priority will be given to those coaching in the youth program, any Darts Alberta member can apply for grant funding to pursue a volunteer dart coaching career. For more information on this grant funding program, see Darts Alberta Policy 028 – Individual Coaching Development Funding or contact the Darts Alberta Administrator.



Click here for PDF VERSION!

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