DA Member League Annual Volunteer Recognition Program

DA is proud to offer this DA Member League Annual Volunteer Recognition Program.

DA values volunteerism within the sport of darts. Without volunteers, our Member Leagues would not exist and without our Member Leagues, DA would not be the thriving organization that it is today.

Volunteer Award Recipients are recognized at their respective annual league banquets and each receive a certificate of recognition for their volunteerism and contribution to the sport of darts, along with a DA logo gift.

Adult Member Leagues are entirely responsible for their selection process. Acknowledging that larger adult leagues require more volunteers to run their organizations, each Member League is permitted to select and submit the following number of volunteers to be recognized by DA:

  • 25 to 99 members - 1 volunteer
  • 100 to 249 members - 2 volunteers *
  • 250 + members - 3 volunteers *

* where more than one volunteer is submitted, a minimum of one volunteer must be a non-executive member of the member league

Our youth leagues are essential to the development of our up and coming athletes. Even though some of our youth league participants may be small in comparison to our adult leagues, we recognize greater volunteer resources are required for not simply organizing but coaching participants in skill development and safety supervision. Regardless of the size of the DA youth league, one volunteer from each league is recognized annually at the Youth Provincial Championships, with the DA Youth Director accountable for the selection process. 

For more information on this program contact the DA Administrator.


25th Anniversary Awards - Volunteer Recognition

As part of Darts Alberta's 25th Anniversary, 50 volunteers were recognized for their significant contributions to our sport. These individuals and many others have made Darts Alberta what it is today.

Check out the biographies and photographs of these outstanding volunteers.