Huge Improvements made to Calgary Ranked Tournaments

The 2015 Rodeo City Open poster is now available. Darts Alberta is pleased to announce that the new CPDA Executive has embraced the feedback that the players have provided from their last few tournaments. The survey results showed five major themes of concern that are being addressed:

  1. Quality of the boards and lighting – Fundraising is being initiated to purchase new boards and fix lighting issues.
  2. Lack of a public address system – A new venue has been secured, located all on one level. Although the venue does not have a PA system, other arrangements are being worked on.
  3. Tournament Director Professionalism – Margaret Heinermann, an adjudicator with many years of experience running ranked tournaments has been appointed as the new Tournament Director.
  4. Knowledge of and compliance with NDFC rules – An initiative is underway to ensure that all officials are very knowledgeable of the NDFC rules and rulebooks will be present at the control desk at all times should any ruling decisions need to be made. Certain rules which have appeared to be very lax during the Calgary tournaments will be placed throughout the venue, to remind players as well as officials of the need for compliance.
  5. Inconsistency of registration cut-off – The officials plan to provide a 15 minute and 5 minute “courtesy” reminder of the cut-off for each event. No late registrations will be accepted. Players will be permitted to register others. However, if they are not there at the start of play, the 5-minute rule and subsequent disqualification will be enforced.

Both Darts Alberta and the CPDA Executive appreciate the feedback that has been provided by past participants. We are proud of the league embracing this feedback and making the changes they have. Although many stated they’d be reluctant to participate in future events, we hope that these improvement will encourage greater participation at the 2015 Rodeo City Open.

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