Changes to Member League Singles Champion Awards

To enhance our programs and services, the Darts Alberta Board of Directors would like to announce a change to our Member League Singles Champion Awards.

Previously, Member League Singles Champions received a bye directly to the Adult Provincial Championships if there were at least 8 or more members participating in the singles event. It is believed that the new changes will make it more fair and equitable for all leagues and provide more value to the champions for a variety of reasons:

  • There is a vast range of participation in the singles events run by our member leagues (anywhere from less than 8 players to over 60 players)
  • There is no monetary value for the current award
  • Past history shows that many of the league champions are not taking advantage of the bye, and
  • Feedback from our members

Member League Singles Champion New Awards Program

If a member league hosts a singles event, separate to their regular weekly format, where all their members are eligible to compete, the League Singles Champion will NOW receive a coupon for free entry into the zone qualifier playoffs (a $30 value) and a free entry into a singles event at any Darts Alberta Ranked Tournament (a value of $25-$30).

If a member league hosts separate men’s singles and women’s singles events, both League Singles Champions are eligible to receive this benefit.

The format of the event continues to be up to the league itself. The only stipulation is that all members are eligible to play in the event which would qualify them to win this award. These awards will be presented at the leagues’ year end awards banquets.

As the vast majority of all singles championships have not yet taken place, these changes will take effect for all member league singles champions for the current 2016-17 season.

2015-16 Reigning Singles Champions that are already listed on the 2017 Provincials Eligibility List are not affected.

The Top 4 Men and Top 4 Women on the Official Year End Ranking List (end of April each year) will continue to receive the direct bye to the Provincials.

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