Membership Director Vacancy

Due to personal extenuating circumstances, Wanda Earle has resigned her position as the Darts Alberta Membership Director. Although all positions on the Board are time consuming, it is important to note that this position is an extremely busy one as our Membership Director is required to maintain a database of all NDFC Members and submit this database regularly to the National Membership Director within strict deadlines, coordinate payment between Darts Alberta and the NDFC, as well as correspond with our member leagues in order to maintain an accurate database of over 1,300 Darts Alberta league members. This appointment would be for a one-year term until the election at the 2020 AGM.  



If you would like to be considered for the position, please submit your interest to the Darts Alberta Administrator ( by no later than Friday, July 12, 2019. Please include a self-assessment of what you consider your skill level and knowledge is of Microsoft Excel (by referring to the above chart). Feel free to provide any additional information that you might wish the Board to consider. 

The Darts Alberta Board will review all potential candidates and select an appointee for the remainder of the term. 

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