Programs Overview


Alberta Sport, Recreation, Parks & Wildlife Foundation recognizes darts as a sport. The ASRPWF objectives are to enhance sport, recreation, park and wildlife opportunities throughout Alberta, while encouraging the involvement of people like you.

Coaching Development

Alberta is fortunate to be recognized as a sport, by the ASRWF. As such, coaching and fostering improvement in the sport are elements of our qualifying for continued funding

League Championships

Exclusive program to our Member Leagues, encouraging league members to compete in an event targeted at a relatively equitable calibre of competition


Grassroots Mentorship

Recognize most-improved grassroots level competitors within our DA Member Leagues and to encourage these members to compete at a higher level 

Volunteer Recognition

DA recognizes that our Member Leagues are an integral component of DA


180 Recognition Program

Recognize the members of DA Member Leagues for their accomplishments

Elite Development

This program was created to encourage competitive spirit, increased participation at DA-ranked tournaments and enhance athletic performance at the elite level.


Provincial Grants

Assist with programs and events that will promote the sport of darts in Alberta

Officiating Certification

Certify officiators (referees) for the sport of darts by providing current and new tournament organizers with a general overview of how to organize a tournament, obtain sponsorship, proper seeding instructions, and more


Seniors Program

DA encourages development opportunities for our youth competitors and values the mentorship abilities and experience of our 50+ members.