Alberta Sport

alberta_sportDarts Alberta is proud to be recognized as a sport by Alberta Sport Recreation Parks and Wildlife Foundation (ASRPWF). Without the annual grant funding received from the Government of Alberta, Darts Alberta would not be the successful organization it is today and many of our programs and services would not exist. Darts Alberta embraces the vision and principles of ASRPWF.


The ASRPWF provides a variety of programs to enhance activity, improve lifestyles, foster enjoyment of the outdoors, and protect nature. We are supporting legacies for Alberta communities.

As a non-profit Crown Corporation, they are supported by Alberta Lotteries. The ASRPWF has many partners including Alberta Community Development, sport, recreation and active living organizations, communities, businesses, and thousands of volunteers.

The ASRPWF vision, mission and operating principles sum them up quite effectively, and are at the heart of every initiative and endeavour:

Vision Statement

A province that has attained a balance between a healthy economy, a healthy population and a healthy natural environment. 

Mission Statement

To facilitate and enhance activities, lifestyles and legacies through the development of active partnerships in sport, recreation, parks and wildlife programs.


  • Albertans are ultimately responsible for their personal well-being, a healthy environment, and the stewardship of their own heritage.
  • Albertans with the desire to participate should be given the opportunity to achieve their full potential. 
  • Volunteers are the cornerstone of sport, recreation, parks, and wildlife development in Alberta.