Positions Up for Election at the 2016 AGM

The Annual General Meeting notice has been posted and the agenda is included on the back of the AGM Shoot Poster. The Darts Alberta Board wanted to remind all of our members about the positions that are up for election:

  • First Vice President
  • Secretary
  • Youth Director
  • Membership DIrector

If interested in a position, we strongly encourage you to review the position description to get a better idea of what those roles and responsibilities woudl be. All position descriptions can be viewed under "About Us" / "Board Members", either at the top right of the webpage or under each of the current members in that position.

Darts Alberta has updated their Volunteer Screening Policy which includes the submission of a volunteer application form. If interested in more than one position, list your most preferred position in the drop down menu and any other positions in the Comments Section. Individuals can submit their application in advance or bring it with you to the AGM. All Board Members must comply with the Screening Policy, which for some positions require a police record check.

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