2016 Member League Doubles Championship

Unlike most tournaments, this event has a registration deadline at the end of February. This is to allow the event organizers with the necessary time to verify that both team members are registered as Member League members with Darts Alberta, as well as to confirm eligibility to compete as a team (only one elite per team).

Based on feedback from members and clarification of elite status lists, some changes have been made for the 2016 Member League Doubles Championship.

  • The doubles champions will still receive their airfare and shared accommodations for the 2017 GVO.
  • The runners up will now each receive a coupon for free entry into a singles event at a Darts Alberta Ranked Tournament.
  • Although an elite list is being published now to provide an idea of those currently with "elite" status, the Darts Alberta Elite List will be updated directly following the Provincial Championships. The Darts Alberta ranking list published after the 2016 Adult Provincials and the NDFC Official Ranking List published on January 1, 2016 will now be used for the purposes of the list of elite players for the Member League Doubles, rather than in the past when official ranking lists were used that were almost a year old.

The funding of this event is paid from Alberta Sport Grant Funds and the intention is to get our intermediate league members competing in provincial competitions.

It is important to note that members need to take the elite list into consideration when choosing partners to play in the event. Teams are still encouraged to register early; however, should there be any two elite players on a team (based on the republished list as of mid-February), those elite players will need to find new non-elite partners. Although the criteria for the elite list has changed, this has been the practice for several years now.

See poster for details

Current Elite List as of January 25, 2016


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